CAMOZZI MD1-FC001-1/4 – G1/4, 42mm, 0.01um Element, Semi-Auto Manual Drain, Visual Present, Series MD Coalescing Filter

Part Number: MD1-FC001-1/4 Manufacturer: Camozzi

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The Series MD Coalescing Filters are capable of the removal of oil, liquid and gas components from compressed air through the active carbons and are complete with an optional visual blockage indicator for easy observation. The filtration element is composed of layered and incredibly porous fibres, creating a cross-linked system. Therefore it is able to absorb wet parts and contaminants remaining in the passing air (Such as oil vapours or smokes, and the odours generated by these contaminants).
Thanks to their bowl locking system, the risk of accidents is reduced, and the air quality is in compliance with ISO 8573-1 standard, Class 1.7.1.

Part Reference: MD1-FC001-1/4

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Port Connection

G 1/4

Product Type

Coalescing Filter